Project of realization and assistance of cinematography

The project is aimed at the development and assistance in the film industry, we strive to help cinemas to have a modern look and the introduction of great ideas in the development of a large community of film lovers and young Directors to develop their ideas

The Сinema token is a smart contract of the ERC 20 Protocol and allows you to make transfers to any place in the world with low transactions almost instantly, using it as a financial transportation tool

We plan to introduce shares in existing cinemas, upgrade them for convenience, open your own modern and affordable Cinema, having our token and buying it you are a great contribution to its construction and implementation of our idea

  Smart Contract Description

name: Cinema Token 

 symbol: CINEMA 

total Supply: 250 000 000

Decimals: 12

Contract:  0xb998eafc83898d8e11d9ca7930977ff6034d6e00